I’m Italian and I CAN enjoy a KETO Way of Life

Italian Keto Plate

Most people know someone like myself. I’m Italian and like most of my Italian peers, I live for fresh baked bread and homemade pasta. It’s the one thing that I miss most when dieting. I can forgo the wine, the cannolis, the espresso — although I can technically enjoy the occasional shot — but to give up pasta and bread, it puts heavy emphasis on the word DIEt. There’s nothing like an Italian who can’t have bread and pasta. We are not built that way — literally.

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So how does someone who LOVES Italian food diet? I did find a way to incorporate the flavors I love – basil, olive oil, rosemary, and garlic into recipes that fit my taste and my need to eat low carb. I’m making due and growing some of my own veggies and herbs. I’m harvesting and eating peppers, roma tomatoes, zucchini, beans and cucumbers. Soon, I’ll have eggplant and broccoli. All of it happens to be pretty Keto-friendly. It’s been too hot to grow lettuce this year and each crop I plant bolts, but the garlic and onions are doing well. I love salads, but I’m learning to make different salads with cucumbers and tomatoes, or tomatoes and beans.

A couple days ago, I spent my entire day in the kitchen creating. 

My organic ingredients were sourced from Amazon Fresh delivery service and my own organic gmo-free garden. I had a bumper crop of zucchini and went to town.

Cooking for myself isn’t a favorite past time, so if I can get everything I need for a week done in a day, I believe I am more apt to stay the course.

Still plugging away — Lost another 5.2 pounds

More Italian Veggies

I’m learning to find ways to satisfy my cravings by using more veggies, some meat and lots of fresh basil and rosemary from my organic garden. I just bought a huge bottle Olive oil sourced from Greece, Italy and Spain where the olives are fantastic. It had a great price. The grill is clean, so this week, there will be lots of grilled peppers, tomato, beans, onions and tomatoes on the menu. Can’t wait.

If I can’t finish my plate, I pass along to my dog, making it part of the recipe for her homemade diet. She loves her veggies.

I know this isn’t just a diet for me. I know this is a life shift. Changing the way I eat forever so when I do get to my ideal weight, it won’t creep back on. I am finished dieting and finding a new way to eat and live.

Diets Don’t Work.

I read that somewhere

Italian Keto Eating

Once I get to my ideal weight, I know I’ll want a plate of pasta or polenta or ravioli. Going to save those instances for the occasional meal – maybe once every 10 days. There are plenty of satisfying Italian meals that are lower in carbs than pasta that I can enjoy in between. It’s what I’m doing now. I do the same with wine right now. I pour one glass of wine every three or four days and adjust the carbs I am eating that day so I can enjoy a glass with my Italian friend, Veronica.

So far, each day, my scale shows that I have some weight loss progress. Eating Italian Keto isn’t so bad. I enjoy the occasion slice of salami (for me it has too much fat) and while I love it, I want my fats from avocado, olives and nuts more than from meats. I get to eat some fabulous cheese, again limiting the amounts of fats from cheese. Other things I enjoy regularly on this Italian Keto eating are olives, grilled vegetables and various mock lasagnas made from sliced veggies vs pasta sheets.

Sharing Some Italian Keto Ideas

My creative time in the kitchen resulted in about two weeks worth of meals for myself. I made them and popped them in the freezer, so the next two weeks would be easy to keep to my Italian Keto way of eating. Bonus — the picky dogs that are on homemade diets LOVE the zucchini muffins, so I’ll be making a recipe and posting about that soon. A good way to get a high protein snack with veggies in those pups.

This week, I created, adapted recipes I found on pinterest and cooked from memory what I remember my mom and my grandmother cooking. Here is the result of a solid day in the kitchen. Thank goodness I have a Cuisinart. It certainly made this job easier. Speaking of easier, checkout the inexpensive silicone muffin liners i just picked up. I am in heaven.

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I keep some of this on hand for days when some sort of bread or pasta is craved.

Here is what I created and I’ll post recipes for each of them as I have time. Want the recipes, sign up below and I’ll email you when one is posted.

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What I Ate Today

Eating day with not great choices. I had a lot going on and didn’t make time for me to eat correctly, plus I just wasn’t very hungry.

  • COFFEE: Two cups of my favorite French Roast by San Francisco Bay with Stevia. Never changes it, does it.
  • WATER: 7 glasses of filtered water – it’s been hoving at 100° here.
  • BREAKFAST: Keto Meal Replacement Bar – These are great. Love them.
  • LUNCH: Zucchini stuffed with Ricotta and salad with vinaigrette
  • DINNER: Homemade guacamole, chopped salad and cheesy zucchini fritter, Ground Turkey Patty with olive oil-sage sauce.
  • SNACK: Zucchini sticks and ranch dip, boiled edd

Starting Today

Adding some exercise in this week now that I have lost a little more weight. While getting up and down from the floor isn’t easy, it is a bit of a workout for someone my size, as is scrubbing floors. Each day, I’ll pick up some sort of physical activity that isn’t too strenuous.

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