How To Vacation and Know Your Dog and House are Safe

Aren’t they cute. Two of my ROVER® regular guests for another summertime stay in my casa. Meet Puerto Rican rescue Libby all comfy in the chair and Billy Joel, high up so he can watch out the window. Photo Credit: Sherri Ettore-Carlson.


I’m taking a quick trip to Tahoe in a couple weeks for a much needed break. My mom is vacationing there with her husband and my daughter. Because I’m a ROVER® sitter, I’ll be home most of the time that my mom is in my area of the country, sitting some cute, furry friends. But I managed to squeeze in an overnight between dog bookings.

My own dog — Deli — will be staying with a ROVER® sitter while I am playing in Tahoe! Hurry up and get here vacation time!!!

Please note, Affiliate links are used in my posts and I may earn a commission should you book a ROVER® stay through my links.

I can’t wait! Rest and recuperation is so important for a happy life. You deserve a summer vacation, too. Start planning before it’s too late.

Photo credit: S. Ettore-Carlson – Photo on Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2009

Vacation planning is tedious for me. There are so many things to address – what about time off, where to go, do I need a car, what’s affordable, who’s going to take care of my four-legged fur-buddy? Don’t stress it. Fun and affordable options abound and all it takes is doing a little research.

Where Are The Dog Sitters Near Me?

How do you find a great sitter? How do you know who to trust? Let Rover take care of that stress, so you can focus on getting away for a little bit to unwind. As a ROVER® sitter, I’ve kept really busy this summer, bonding with some amazing four-legged friends.

ROVER® is the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers — a network of true dog lovers! ROVER® offers different services to help you give your pup the attention and care they deserve while you are away. Booking a service through ROVER®, you can trust you’re getting an incredible service.

Stress-Free Check List

As a ROVER® sitter, I find that most pets are comfortable during their stay when they have familiar items or belongings with them. Here are some of the basics:

  • Bed and/or bedding
  • Security blanket (or article of my own clothing that has my scent)
  • Dishes (water and food)
  • Plaything (toy, ball, stuffed toy, etc)
  • Food enough for the entire stay (I bring two portions of my Homemade Dog Food, for each day, plus two extra portions*, marked so the sitter knows feeding instructions.)
  • Treats (Most sitters have an ample supply, but I like to be prepared)
  • Leash, Collar and/or Harness
  • Dog Tag with my name, number (just in case)
  • My Homemade Flea Repellent Spray (I request that once a day, they squirt my dog, so that anywhere she walks or plays, especially at a dog park, she has some protection)
  • Poop Bags (I know the sitter should have poop bags, but I like to provide my favorite eco poop bags, so my pooch isn’t contributing to plastics in the environment)

*I bring extra portions just in case there is some sort of accident, like if another dog eats my dog’s food.

Rover Sitters Watch Homes, Too!

Did you know ROVER® sitters house sit, too? Why take your fur-buddy out of their comfort zone? If your pup experiences separation anxiety or depression when you book out of town, book a house sitter service through ROVER® . It’s basically two birds with one stone, so you can’t go wrong. Find someone who is a great match. It’s as easy as a quick search in the app to find a sitter in the neighborhood and schedule a meet and greet. ROVER® makes is simple to find the right person, book and pay through the ROVER® site. It’s simple and easy!

Feel confident with ROVER®. Each house sitter that works with ROVER® has been hand-reviewed and approved by the ROVER® Team. To be a ROVER® sitter, I passed a general background check, like every Rover sitter, so my services are covered with Rover’s guarantee.

Check out my post about Why You Should Feed Your Dog Homemade Dog Food.

Ziggy, one of my regulars through ROVER® enjoying a bit of R&R between walks and activities. Photo Credit: S. Ettore-Carlson

Now that you have found a great option for a house/pet sitter, start looking for the perfect vacation spot. But be ready, because when you come back recharged, your fur-baby will be ready, too — ready for a million doggy kisses!

If you get time to plan that vacation, et a ROVER® dog sitter for your pup and get $10 off your first booking – Book Today!

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