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weight loss is slow at turtle pace

I went down .0 pounds. My weight loss is in slow motion. Slow and steady wins the race, right. I’m losing weight at a turtle’s pace. Heck maybe even a snail’s pace, because I’ve actually seen a turtle book it across the street. Turtles can move when they want to, except for maybe one of those turtles the size of a Volkswagen. My husband saw one of those once while diving in Hawaii. But the pace of a snail? She has one speed. A slow, inching slither. I guess it works for her. She arrives at her destination, unless she get’s picked off by a bird or squashed by a car tire or worse, a shoe. EWWWW!

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Just because I have a slow day, doesn’t mean I should be down on myself, right? I say that, but I do feel a bit down. I have been all about eating as healthy as I can. My weight loss is slow! This week I lost a couple pounds. So the scale isn’t moving as quickly as I had hoped! So what? I just read over what I have been eating and well….. I need to enlist the help of my own personal chef. My husband.

How did I ever get to be obese? Oh, yeah. Food. Being married to a chef and busy all the time was my downfall. He cooks too good — much better than I do, and being busy, I put my needs last, tending to them just as I ran out of steam for the day.

Lost 0 pounds

Diets – I’ve Tried Them All

One thing in common in most diet books is that weight loss is slow. And it should be. I’ve read all the books. I have unsuccessfully tried nearly every diet but Weight Watchers and I don’t wish to try their program. It doesn’t strike my fancy. Don’t hate me. It may have worked for you, but there have been a few trendy diets I haven’t wanted to try and Weight Watchers is one of them. I am not dogging on Weight Watchers. From all the advertising they do, it must be a very successful diet and there are tons of positive testimonies. I don’t want to put in the effort of weekly meetings, the counting and counting, the frozen meals (not that I haven’t also embarked on my own frozen meal diet using Lean Cuisine) and listening to all the success stories.

Diets Don’t Work.

I read that somewhere

I’ve tried all types of diets aka ways of eating but nothing has worked more than a few pounds for a few months. I have eaten low calorie, low fat, low carb, Cabbage Soup Diet, Beverly Hills Diet, Cottage Cheese Diet, Atkins, Keto, Dolly Parton Diet, Beach Body, Vegan, Caveman, Paleo, Slimfast Diet and most of the diets in the women’s magazines I pick up when I am at the grocery store. I did the Lipotropic diet, I fasted with Oprah on the Liquid Fast Diet and even had a trainer bring meals to my office and encourage me to walk at lunch. Moderate success achieved but didn’t last.

There Are So Many Diets Out There, So I Tried More…

I read other books cover to cover to give me a leg up before trying the Ornish and Scarsdale diets. It was easy to jump on the juicing bandwagon and I attempted Whole 30, ate gluten-free and sugar-free, but I wasn’t crazy enough to try the Baby Food Diet, the Subway Diet or the Special-K diet (read the ingredients in the cereal). I did the CR500 Diet (drops and 500 calories daily) for a while. I got involved with an MLM company and did their drops, too.

Some diets are difficult to fit into a busy woman’s day. Some are just difficult in general. Of course I tried Master Cleanse, it just about killed me. I couldn’t get past day one. Same with Raw Food Diet – who has time? Like the Zone Diet and Blood Type diets that didn’t work, Noom let me down and I just cancelled my subscription this week. It wasn’t working, either. Truth? The problem isn’t those diets, it’s probably me.

I Want To Be A Turtle

I want to be more like a turtle. Turtles get to move at their own pace and they sprint when they need to. It’s not about the race for the turtle. They stop along the way to rest, rejuvenate with a nice little nap and maybe even eat some tasty flowers along the way. Moving like a snail isn’t my style. I want to be more like a turtle, so knowing what I know about metabolism from all those books I read, I have to really get serious about this. It’s okay if my weight loss is slow. It took me a decade to pack on 148 pounds, coming off at 2 pounds a week will be speedy in the scope of things.

Today is the day! Things must change. Meals need to be prepped or I have to carve out time to prepare foods that will encourage proper nourishment and a steady weight loss.

Join Me!

I started this blog to be accountable to us both. Mainly me, but since you are reading, I’ll be accountable to you, as well. I have about 34 pounds to lose in 16 weeks in order to BREAK 200 on that scale. My turtle paced goal is 2 pounds a week.

I would love you to like my facebook page and post your stories, struggles and more importantly, recipes. Most of us who are overweight love food, so let’s share recipes that make us feel great when we eat them! Here is my facebook page.

Join me and subscribe. We will probably get to know each other pretty well over the next few months through my posts and your comments.


What I Ate Today

Eating day with not great choices. I had a lot going on and didn’t make time for me to eat correctly, plus I just wasn’t very hungry.

  • COFFEE: Two cups of my favorite French Roast by San Francisco Bay with Stevia.
  • WATER: 2 glasses of filtered water.
  • BREAKFAST: A piece of bacon. Actually 2, thick slice uncured
  • LUNCH: A couple pieces Rotissarie chicken, like about 2 ounces
  • DINNER: Smallish dinner salad Iceberg lettuce, four sliced pepperoni, blue cheese and thousand Island dressing and avocado
  • SNACK: Handful of pepperoni slices and later in the evening, a Keto Chocolate Bar.

Starting Today

When a friend is in need of a pep talk, I am there for them. I have to be there for me. So here goes: ‘Sherri, it’s ok. You know you can make better choices starting right now. Eat better tomorrow and remember, you eat to fuel your body.’

My Brain with a comforting thought

Day 7…

Photo by Cedric Fox on Unsplash

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